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Mandy Kiley, LMT RYT | 


​Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher


Growing up in the Baltimore, MD area, Mandy’s east coast flare for life is a dynamic additive to her massage practice. Her ability to be direct, yet empathetic to your massage and spiritual needs make for an unstoppable aid in your quest for body, mind, and spirit well being. Mandy has not only been a Massage Therapist for the last 13 years, and a spiritual counselor for the last 10 years; but her unstoppable curiosity for full being wellness has carried her forward.


For a surprising twist, Mandy played Ice Hockey. This complements her ability to work with Athletes, plus understanding their personalities and personal needs. She has also been the head training coach for Orange County Roller Girl’s “fresh meat,” is passionate about scuba diving, and enjoys free diving in her free time. Always looking for ways to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically Mandy fully understands the complexities of life.Come join Mandy for a session. You will feel relaxed, revived, and enlightened by her unique style of connecting with you.


Mandy is Licensed Dually in the States of Kentucky and California. She is also Nationally Certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)

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